Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC is a state licensed raw milk dairy that is family owned and operated in the town of Canterbury, Connecticut and welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy browsing and following our news blog. Here you will find upcoming markets that Baldwin Brook will be participating in, and any special events on the farm such as Open Farm Tours.

We want to especially thank you for your support of raw milk in Connecticut. We hope that you will continue to subscribe in support of raw milk and our other farmstead products, which promotes the purpose of sustainable agriculture in Connecticut, along with the core values of Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC.

Chris and Mavis Newton
Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC

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7 Responses to Welcome

  1. Gloria says:


  2. Karen Cudzilo says:

    Just discovered your raw milk at a local grocery store.. Awesome .. I love it.. its pure and deliciuos..Thank you for allowing us to enjoy it..
    I also love the bottles.. reminds me when I was a young..

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you. Grew up on a dairy farm with Jersey cows, the milk is wonderful!!

  4. steve says:

    A friend told me about your milk I. Purchasd some at teds in hebron.I’m shocked at how good it tasted no nasty after taste like that other stuff they call milk.I’m hooked I buy 3 too 4 half gallons a week I use it for everything.I have also told other friends to try they have and love it as well.I love the milk and the bottles a cool as well keep up the great job.

  5. George Dunlap says:

    I visited your farm a week ago on Wednesday and, unfortunately you were closed.
    Thank you for posting your new hours so quickly on your website. I noticed that you had ducks
    there. My wife is interested in knowing if you sell duck eggs.
    Please let us know when you have a chance.

  6. Jay Kaplan says:

    Chris I just visited your site. You have an amazing operation. I can’t wait to taste the raw milk. I hope to get some time when I can vist the farm. Jay

  7. Cindy Shaffer says:

    Wow. What an operation! Very impressive! Do you make anything that can be shipped to missouri?

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