Welcome to Baldwin Brook Farm!

Baldwin Brook Farm sits on approximately 80 acres of lush green pasture and woodlands and is surrounded by stone walls, native and wild flower gardens, orchards, vegetable gardens, and a large New England covered bridge that must be crossed each time you enter and exit the farm.

Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC is a raw milk dairy farm that is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture and is located in the town of Canterbury. The farm is owned and operated by the Newton family.

In November 2004, Chris and Mavis purchased their first Jersey milk cow named Bambi. Today, Baldwin Brook Farm milks all Jersey cows. The cows are a pastured dairy herd and are rotated daily to new paddocks of green pasture from mid May through late October. During the winter months the cows eat primarily dry baled hay and are allowed outside at all times, unless severe weather makes it unsafe.

Baldwin Brook Farm is committed to providing superior quality farm products and maintaining integrity for sustainable farm practices in their daily management. The raw milk is bottled every other day in half gallon and quart glass bottles and is unsurpassed in quality. Fresh raw milk can be purchased at the farm store and in many retail grocery and health food markets throughout Connecticut (See listing of retail store locations and contact information at right).

Baldwin Brook Farm also offers a variety of other farmstead goods that consist of farm fresh all-natural free range eggs, pastured nitrate free heritage pork and Angus beef, with all cuts of meat individually packaged and vaccumed sealed to preserve the ultimate freshness. The farm also offers raw honey and maple syrup. Fresh vegetables, flowers, and fruits may also be purchased in season based on supply.

Baldwin Brook Farm encourages all customers and their families to visit the farm and see where your food is supplied. To arrange for guided farm tours, please call the farm store to schedule in advance.



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Fresh Milk

Raw milk from our Jersey cows is bottled every day in old fashioned glass bottles and can be purchased at the farm store and  throughout Connecticut.

Fresh Produce

On the farm you can purchase fresh eggs, local raw honey, local maple syrup, BBF raised nitrate-free pork, beef, chicken,  fruits and vegetables when in season.

reFreshing Events

We also offer our homestead
as a backdrop for special events that will be remembered for a lifetime. Please call to make arrangements.